Removing Dross - Restoring Lives - Revitalizing People

Provide hope, encouragement and practical assistance to the incarcerated and their families. (3).png

Dross is the impurity found in precious metals that must be removed so the metal can be used to create a thing of beauty.  It is important to understand that the metal already has significant value before the dross is removed, but it’s removal reveals the true value of the precious metal, which can then be molded into something of beauty and purpose.

We all have dross in our lives that must be removed in order to reveal our true value and purpose, so we can be molded into the thing of beauty we were created to be. There is no dross, no matter how ugly, that cannot be removed through this refining process.  While it takes much work, and is painful to go through, the refiner’s fire produces a result that is well worth it!