Our purpose at Removing Dross Ministries is to assist men and women who are incarcerated or recent released understand their self-worth, bring them hope, offer practical assistance, and come to a place of restoration in all areas of their lives.  Furthermore, it is our desire to come alongside the families of those who are incarcerated to navigate the waters of life in the absence of their loved one.  

Some of the things we do at Removing Dross Ministries are:

  • Bring encouragement to those who are incarcerated by showing them that there are people who believe in them and are willing to partner with them on their path of restoration!

  • Partner with the families who have an incarcerated loved one to help navigate life before, during, and after incarceration. Besides a shoulder to lean on, we will offer practical assistance that will help the family adjust to life in the absence of their loved one.

  • Convey to those who have been incarcerated that the poor choices they made in their lives do not define the totality of who they are. With some hard work, they can be a success in life post-offense.

  • Assist those who are incarcerated in the transitions of entering, residing in, and exiting prison / jail.

  • Regularly correspond with individuals who are incarcerated through a newsletter and resources that are specific to each individual’s situation.

  • Partner with those who are about to be released from prison to assist with their reintegration back into the community (understanding how to navigate probation / registration requirements, finding housing, getting basic necessities, finding a church family, assistance with finding employment, etc.)


In the summer of 2010 a dream was birthed in the heart of Scott Wright.  It was a dream of an organization that existed to help those who are, or have been, incarcerated, who need help finding hope and need assistance reintegrating back into the community; a ministry to come alongside those who have made some significant mistakes in life but deserve another chance.

In the beginning stages of the dream, the name Removing Dross was echoing in Scott’s spirit.  The name came from the Bible verse in Proverbs 25:4, which says “Remove the dross from silver, and a silversmith can produce a vessel.”

While Scott had already been assisting individuals in their transition out of prison and has been corresponding with those who are incarcerated for some time, Removing Dross Ministries, Inc. (RDM) was officially born in January of 2018 as a not-for-profit corporation headquartered in New Port Richey, Florida.