Transitional Housing

We recognize that housing upon release from incarceration can be one of the most difficult things to navigate.  All too often we hear from families who have a difficult time finding adequate housing for their loved one leading up to their release; especially if it is someone who must adhere to living restrictions.  

It is our goal to help find housing for each individual prior to their release from incarceration.  We are regularly searching for housing options that will meet the needs of someone who is recently released from incarceration.    


Nehemiah's House

Removing Dross Ministries has a long-term vision of providing a place where those who have been released from incarceration can call home for up to one year.  The name of this home will be Nehemiah’s House.

The name Nehemiah’s House is derived from a man named Nehemiah who lived several thousand years ago.  Nehemiah discovered that the wall around Israel had been neglected and destroyed. Because of Nehemiah’s love for Israel, he purposed to do whatever was necessary to rebuild the wall.  Despite many obstacles that attempted to prevent the wall from being rebuilt, Nehemiah accomplished what many thought to be impossible and not worth the effort.  

Nehemiah serves as a testimony that love, dedication, hard work, perseverance, and patience can accomplish anything.  Just as Nehemiah oversaw the rebuilding of a wall that many thought could not, or should not, be rebuilt, Nehemiah’s House will serve to rebuild the lives of people who deserve a second chance.  

Some of the practical assistance that will take place while at Nehemiah’s House are:

  • Help in understanding and adapting to the changes that have taken place in society during their time away.

  • Walking with the individual from release to complete reintegration back into society as a productive citizen.

  • Assist with developing the necessary life skills to live a successful life on their own.

  • Resume writing, interview skills, communication skills, proper attire for job interviews, assistance with job prospects, etc.

  • Integration with a church family that best lines up with the individual’s faith.

  • When possible, make inroads to reintegration with family and friends who have been hurt by the actions that led to the individual's incarceration.

  • Provide individual and family counseling that will promote healing and reintegration.

  • Provide safe spaces where the resident and their family / friends may have face-to-face meetings.


We are currently in search of a location that will serve as Nehemiah’s house.  Our desire is to find a location that will be accepted by the community in which it exists and provide a safe place for the restoration of its residents. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you know of a house, motel / hotel, camp, mobile home park, or other facility that may be available for consideration.  We are currently searching in the West Florida area.