An Amazing Year with More to Come!

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since we rented our office in downtown New Port Richey for Removing Dross Ministries.  So much transpired since we were handed our keys at the end of December 2017.  In February we received our incorporation and business & city occupational licenses, giving us the approval to begin operating as a not-for-profit organization.  It was just two months later that we were recognized as a 501c3 charitable organization, giving us the permission to receive tax-deducible donations.

Over the past year we have developed many relationships with new partners who share in the vision to see reentering citizens have every opportunity to succeed after their release from incarceration.  We have partnered with several transitional homes and programs for those who need safe, stable housing or a reentry program that will help them along the path to success.  We have met with officials in the Florida Department of Corrections and are now recognized as an approved resource to assist reentering citizens transitioning to West-Central Florida.  We established the resources to assist with clothing, food, employment, and medical care upon release from incarceration.  Most importantly, we have fostered relationships with those who are incarcerated and have been able to help them, and their support system, ensure successful transitions back into the community.

We could not have accomplished any of these things if not for you believing in Shanna and me, the Removing Dross vision, and the returning citizens who have demonstrated their repentance and desire to do whatever is necessary to take ownership for their actions and do the hard work to succeed.  Many of you have given your hard-earned resources and time to Removing Dross.  We are immensely grateful for you, and so are the individuals & families your selfless giving has impacted; YOUR actions are making positive eternal impacts.  Your sacrifices to RDM are demonstrating love, forgiveness, and grace to a segment of the population who believed such things were not afforded to them.  Furthermore, your philanthropy is helping individuals become the husbands and wives their spouses feel cherished and loved by, fathers and mothers that mentor their children well and are breaking the chains of generational curses, family members that are excitedly welcomed back home, and productive members of the community.

While much has been accomplished over the past year, there are many goals still to achieve.  We are praying to open a transitional home called Nehemiah’s House, establish relationships with local churches and businesses who will partner with us, and increase our resources to help more returning citizens to our community.

We humbly ask that you continue to stand with us into the future.  We need prayer, volunteered time, donations of needed items, and monetary contributions.  Together we will continue to see individuals become who they were created to be, families restored, and communities blessed by new, productive citizens. 

If you would like to start out this new year by helping to see the vision of Removing Dross Ministries furthered, please visit to make a tax deductible monetary donation or reach out to us directly ( or 727.277.4065) for how you can partner with us.

Please know that it has been an honor to serve alongside you throughout 2018 and we are looking forward to the future!  More so, it has been an even greater honor to serve those who are reentering society.